About Us

Striving to meet the needs of children whose mothers are incarcerated by:
• Providing a home-like setting where children and mothers can connect and interact freely.
• Empowering mothers through parenting training to develop healthy family relationships.
• Encouraging strong parent-child bonds that foster stability and confidence, so children can become productive, responsible members of their communities.
About Mothers And Their Children

Mothers And Their Children (MATCH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to address the special needs of children of incarcerated mothers. Located on the grounds of the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women (NCCIW) in Raleigh, North Carolina, MATCH provides a homelike visitation center where children can visit with their mothers. We also provide parenting education and support, financial assistance for families to travel to Raleigh for visits, and special events to support MATCH families.

MATCH recognizes the importance of the mother-child relationship in the psychological development of each child. This relationship has been shown to greatly influence how a child views himself, his relationships to others, and his perceptions of the world in which we live. Children of an incarcerated parent are seven times more likely to be involved in delinquent activity and other negative behaviors that put them at risk for following their parent’s path to prison compared to children with non-incarcerated parents.

We are the ONLY non-profit organization in North Carolina and one of the few in the United States that brings children to spend time with their incarcerated mothers in a warm, home-like setting, while offering such a comprehensive program of support for the mothers, children, and caregivers.
Our programs are designed to show these children they were not abandoned, while emphasizing that they are loved and worthy.
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